Interesting Jobs in Nepal


The population of the country is growing day by day. Due to this reason the job market is also very competitive.

However, with modernity, new types of jobs are evolving day by day. The scope of job is expanding rather than narrowing. To come ahead of others and find your position, you should be educated in terms of searching jobs. It does not matter if you have university degrees or not.

Now, the time has given people the opportunity to show their skills to their interested fields. So, you can get what you have longed for. For the informative purpose, we have listed few fields of jobs where you can try your luck.

Online Jobs in Nepal

Well, searching for a job could be tiresome for people even after having quality university degrees.

On one hand, visiting from place to place and looking forward to employer’s positive answers could be one part of life. But on the other hand, you could just sit before your laptop or mobile and search for the possible job opportunities and apply for it.

So, if you want to have jobs based on your own home then online jobs are best. You are your own boss and could earn a decent amount of money on the basis of your skills. You should give a try at least once.

Following are some types of online jobs you could do in Nepal.

  1. Writing Jobs

Writers are high on demand. People can work as a content writer for blog content, websites, emails, social media, reviews of things and much more. From this job, you can get a handsome amount of money.

The ability to handle language is preferred but it does not require you to be an expert. It is fertile field as it would enhance your competence in handling written language. It is recommended job for the people who like writing stuff.

  1. Data Entry Jobs

If you have time and patience, then you can join data entry jobs on internet.

It is the process of entering data in an electronic format by using a computer. The title “data entry” might sound quiet advance subject matter. But it is not true; it could be done by people who do not have prior experience in it.

The qualities such as good typing speed and basic knowledge of MS Office is preferred. Before starting this kind of job, you should be sure about the credibility of your partner as you could find fake sites related to it. So, research more to save your time and hard work.

  1. Transcription Jobs.

Transcription jobs are one of the popular jobs you could find. In this job, you have to get audio or audio video files and convert it into text format.

For this job, you should have the skills such as good listening and writing, mostly in the English language. It is moderate kind of job. You have to give sufficient time for it as inaccuracies are not enjoyed.

  1. Captcha Typing

This is the simplest online job you can have. But we should keep in our mind that if the job is simple then the payment is not much.

Captcha could be text or image and you have to solve them. The payment is based on the quantity you could solve. Some people even consider it to be the scam job. But you could give it a shot. If you are satisfied you can continue with it.

  1. Blogging Jobs.

Blogging is one of the most reputed jobs on the internet. People are making a lot of money from it.

For this purpose, you should have blogging website with little investment. After having it, you should provide quality content which would attract visitors. Blogging’s scope is huge and you can expand it with your skills. You can add  Adsense and affiliate programs to it.

Ngo and Project Jobs in Nepal

NGOs are non-profit orientated organizations that are involved in fields such as education, health, policy making, human rights, environment and other sectors. These types of organizations developed after World War 2.  NGOs run primarily from the fund they receive as donation.

To work in NGOs is a good choice for people around the globe. A significant increase is seen in their numbers in developing countries like Nepal. The reason behind it is that this job creates an opportunity for personal development and positive change in the society.

So, if you are interested in this job then how you can get into it is the question that might pop out. There is no single way to get into it. The people from different background with different educational qualification and experiences are involved in it.

It is like a business house where different financial and administrative activities operate. And to fulfill the requirement of manpower NGOs advertise for the different position where you can apply in accordance with your interest and qualification.

But, before entering in the job, you must thoroughly reflect upon your motive of doing the specific job. The job could be related to gender, animal, environment, policy, children and much more. You must find out what interests you in the job and how you could excel with the related topic in the future. And most importantly, would it satisfy you or not is the question you must ask. Here are few things which would be plus point for you to get in NGOs.

  • Having competency in multiple languages.
  • Sound knowledge regarding culture and its study.
  • If you have worked as a volunteer previously.
  • Sound knowledge of research writing and using electronic gadgets.

UN jobs in Nepal

Un Jobs are attractive jobs for all level of people. There are around 40 thousand staffs working in UN from 193 states. These people have different racial, cultural, linguistic background but they work as a team fulfilling the objectives of UN.

UN provides solutions to problems prevalent in the world such as war, conflict, poverty, climate change, environment, human rights and many more. So, the manpower needed for UN is also diverse in form. They recruit staffs to handle these issues effectively.

If you want to enter in UN as an employee, first of all, you should search for job openings at the United Nations using UN-related websites. Mostly, jobs are announced for a position in a related office and place. For example, United Nations Development Program can announce position for Project assistant in Kathmandu, Nepal.

The following points are important in UN Jobs.

  • You are required to have a university degree for a higher position.
  • English and French are the working languages in UN. You should have good knowledge in either of them.
  • Prior working experience is preferred. However, it is on the basis of job you are applying for.

Banking Jobs in Nepal

You may find banking career interesting if you enjoy working with people.

There are different types of positions in banks.

Financial analyst provides information to its clients about the investment. They can find out the possible field of investment where the client could hold an advantageous position. The position requires at least bachelor’s degree in economics and finance related subject.

Financial Manager holds an important position in a bank. He/she looks for the financial reports and studies the profit and loss of the bank.

In the similar way the loan officer who must have at least bachelor’s degree and should deal with customers’ financial history and carry out a loan application.

The bank teller does not require university degrees. He/She is the first person to be met with while entering a bank and customers can get overall information related to the bank.

There are around 28 “A” level commercial banks in Nepal. And the branches of these institutions are spread over whole Nepal. To perform their financial activities, they advertise for different positions time and again in national newspapers and in their own websites too.

To apply for the job, you should have mentioned educational qualification. Most banks nowadays prefer to have candidates with prior experience from the related field. So, if you have some, then it would be easy to get.